Nursery Work

200 Shorea albida (Alan) saplings were randomly selected and tagged in the nursery for planting at Badas peat swamp forest.

Our Badas Team leaders (Asri, Hazimah, Naqibah, Suhailah, and Wardah) hard at work!

Planting Site Preparation

Hard labour work that includes site planning, demarcating the planting plot, digging and staking of planting holes, acclimatising the saplings, and clearing the vegetations to create trails for tree planting participants in Badas peat swamp forest.

The planting site was prepared swiftly and skilfully thanks to the experienced team from Forestry Department!

Tree Planting

Launching Day

Badas Tree Planting 2021 was officially launched on 25th Feb 2021 by Yang Mulia Puan Noralinda Hj Ibrahim, Acting Director of Forestry Department at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism. The ceremony was also attended by Dr Abby Tan Chee Hong, Assistant Vice Chancellor (Research) at UBD, Hj Osmera Hj Othman, Head of HSE and Security, BSP and Hj Mohd Jaafar Hj Awang Bakar, Corporate Manager, BSP, and the Brunei Darussalam Climate Change Secretariat.

The launching ceremony to kick start Badas Tree Planting 2021 was a success!

Planting with Volunteers

Volunteers from UBD, BSP, FD, and Wetlands International (WI) came together to plant and record height and stem diameter of the Alan saplings.

Thanks to the hardworking team and the amazing volunteers, we have successfully planted 200 saplings in 7 days!


First Month (Apr 2021)

After 1 month, 58 out of 200 saplings were recorded dead. In short, the survivorship is 71% after 1 month of planting in Badas peat swamp forest. However that, there was promising growth of new leaves observed on the live saplings!

Mortality map of the Alan saplings after 1 month of planting with 58 dead (27 weeding + 31 no weeding)

At the same time, fertilisers (urea and triple super phosphate) were applied to the Alan saplings as part of the experiment.

Third Month (Jun 2021)

A total of 105 out of 200 Alan saplings survived after 3 months of planting at Badas peat swamp forest. The dead saplings were replaced with a healthy batch of Alan saplings on the third month of post-planting. Hence, the percentage of live saplings is back to 100% after replacement.

Mortality map of the Alan saplings after 3 months of planting with 95 dead

The effects of weeding and fertiliser application on the Alan saplings planted on the deforested Badas peat swamp forest are studied in Badas Tree Planting 2021. Thus far, weeding and the fertilisers (urea and triple super phosphate) have no effect on the survivorship of the saplings after 3 months. The saplings that have survived were showing very positive signs by the growing number of new leaves. There is a sapling in the weeding and triple super phosphate fertiliser combined treatment that sprouted out 34 new leaves after 2 months. It had 0 leaves recorded during the 1st month census in April 2021 and it amazingly surpassed the other saplings with the highest number of leaves on the 3rd month of post-planting in June 2021.

In addition, the number of volunteers who took part has been encouraging as well! A total of 180 volunteers has participated in Badas Tree Planting 2021 and most of them have expressed interest to join us again for future activities 😊

Unfortunately, the upcoming post-planting activity in September 2021 is cancelled due to COVID-19.

Badas Tree Planting Team

The organising team comprises of:

Project leads: Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) and Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD)

Main Sponsor: Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP)

Main collaborators/advisors: Brunei’s Forestry Department (FD), Wetlands International (WI), and Nanyang Technological University (NTU)


Email: badasplanting2020@gmail.com

Ask us for more info!

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